Could HCR Be Viewed As An Electorate Guarantee For Democrats?

Iā€™m just spit-balling here, but something has struck me. For years we have talked about how banning abortion was a necessity for Republican victory, as backed up by the evidence of them actually not doing much to deliver once in office. The thought is that Republicans need to keep the abortion debate alive to insure they have voters come election day ā€“ the hard core anti-abortion base. If abortion was banned then this huge chunk of the base may not be willing to vote as much.

So that makes me wonder if health care reform could be viewed the same way for Democrats. Keep dangling that carrot in front of the face of electorates from one cycle to the next in hopes that they will turn out on that Tuesday morning in November.

Sure pass a half-assed measure now to throw us a very small bone and then in November promise us that you will deliver something more ā€“ like Medicare for 55+. Then in 2012 we get President Obama transforming back into canidadte Obama and he will be out there saying how he will work hard to expand health care to even more.

Yes it is a very sinister notion, but given the lack of a real fight from people like Reid and Obama it does make perfect sense. Politics come first ā€“ actually delivering on your agenda, well that is a distant second.