Dick Morris Thinks People Should Die In Name Of Party!

Dick Morris has to be one of the sickest fucks on the planet. Here he is, giving one of his reasonings for Romney's loss:

But the more proximate cause of my error was that I did not take full account of the impact of hurricane Sandy and of Governor Chris Christie’s bipartisan march through New Jersey arm in arm with President Obama. Not to mention Christe's fawning promotion of Obama's presidential leadership.

Really? Christie is a smart man and I'm sure he knew that this would not help his political future in the party that shuns anyone who might appear to reach across the aisle. But that wasn't what Christie was thinking about. Instead he saw his state in ruins and saw the leader of our country come to help out. All the while, the man that wanted to lead our country was out worrying about only his future.

So what would have made Dick happier? Well if Christie denied Obama's help and let the people of his state continue to suffer and die, all in the name of Romney.

In other words, Dick feels that the hurricane should have been turned into nothing more than a political issue. Who else would do such a thing? Well, terrorist organizations are great for this. That's exactly how Hezbollah acts. So there you have it, Dick Morris and Fox News have now crossed the line into radical Islam. Great job guys!