Firefox Jumping On The Bing Bandwagon?

This is an interesting development in the browser wars:

Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, used his personal blog to urge Firefox users away from Google and to use Microsoft's search engine Bing, instead. Dotzler cited privacy concerns, specifically pointing to comments recently made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Dotzler points out that Bing’s privacy policy is much better than Google’s.

What really makes this interesting news is that Firefox has had a long relationship with Google. Google is Firefox’s default search engine and even the default home page is nothing more than a modified Google front page.

In a world where people worry about their searched becoming public or used in a court, I would have to say that Bing might be the better choice. Personally I use both, but recently I switched Firefox to using Bing as the default search engine. This wasn’t for privacy reasons, but rather performance. I find Bing results load much faster and for the past few weeks I have been suffering from horrible hangs on Google’s page.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if after all this time and failed attempts by Microsoft that they finally make an impact on Google?