GOP Manufacturers Voter Supression

This is one of the top stories Drudge is pushing right now:

Local Republicans went to court to have a judge order a mural of President Obama covered up at the Ben Franklin Elementary School polling place in the Northeast.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s successful challenge.

To get away with their disgusting attempts to suppress Republican voices in Philadelphia,” Chairman Rob Gleason said. “Whether it’s blocking Republican Election Day workers form doing their job or violating Pennsylvania law by electioneering in the polling place, it is clear the Obama campaign has taken their campaign in the gutter to manipulate this election however they can. Based on the Obama campaign’s behavior today, it certainly raises the question: what are Democrats doing in the polls that they are working so hard to shield folks from monitoring this election?”

Here's a picture of the mural:

Funny how this is an issue, but what about voters right here in Hamilton, Ohio? Here's a statue outside my polling place:

Can you tell who it is? That's our previous President, George W. Bush and it's sitting right outside the entrance used to vote in 2004, less than the minimum required distance for campaign signs. The statue still stands today, but the voting entrance changed to the new gym area. Still, I had to drive by it to go to my polling place and it still stands out there, yet this was never an issue.