Lieberman Looking For Help

It looks like Lieberman is wondering where all his friends have gone and looking for some new ones:

Sen. Joe Lieberman made an unusual pitch to people outside Connecticut when he conceded the state's Democratic primary to Ned Lamont and announced plans to run as an independent.

"If you're disappointed with the ugly tone of our politics, if you're fed up with the nasty partisanship in Washington, then I ask your help, too," said Lieberman, who was criticized as being too close to the Republican administration.

Lieberman called on people across America to visit his Web site and send ideas "on how we can build this new politics of unity and purpose." He also hit them up for campaign contributions.

"Together I am confident that we can find common ground and secure a better future for our children," he said. "That, and not partisanship, is what our politics ought to be about."

The next day, Lieberman discussed his decision to run as an independent before a national audience on CNN's "Larry King Live."

Lieberman's plea to voters beyond Connecticut comes as many Democratic Party leaders in and out of the state are abandoning the three-term incumbent and publicly endorsing Lamont. Several have urged Lieberman to withdraw from the race.

I don't believe many, if any, Democrats outside of Ct. will help Joe out. He might get some help from people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter though. This is a certain sign that Lieberman's race is looking pretty dim.