Local Media Asks If Boehner’s Rise Will Help His Constituents

JohnBoehnerAn article appearing in today’s Dayton Daily News, as well as a bunch of other local newspapers in Ohio’s 8th, has me laughing:

As John Boehner’s political star rises quickly toward a likely term as Speaker of the House, his constituents in the 8th District may wonder how the job has affected others who have held it.

The past two Republican Speakers of the House represented their home districts well, according to newspaper editors within the representatives’ respective districts.

Dennis “Denny” Hastert, R-Illinois, had a constant presence in his district before, during and after he was the 59th Speaker of the House of Representatives.

John Russell, associate news editor with the Beacon-News in Aurora, Ill., said Hastert hung out at local barber and coffee shops, and, as an antique car enthusiast, hung out at auto shops.

One of the largest complaints about Boehner, one that is shared amongst Democrats and Republicans alike that he represents, is that he doesn’t do enough in this district and is never around. Do they really think that will change now? Boehner avoids this are like the plague. As matter of fact when Boehner was asked about what he has done for his district he couldn’t even name five things. That’s horrible given the number of years he has served.

So the answer to their question is a John Boehner style ‘Hell No!’.