Oh Those Earmarks

We hear Bush saying how he will get rid of earmarks all the time. Well that doesn't look like the case so much:

But Bush hesitates to exercise his authority. Surely he doesn’t fear challenging a Congress that trails him in public approval surveys. House Republican Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo., has reportedly warned administration officials that meddling with earmarks will anger GOP members who are responsible for 40 percent of those in the 2008 spending bills. But what about angry taxpayers who see their hard-earned tax dollars being shoveled out the back door, and who correctly view earmarks as politically corrupting payoffs?

While the pundits try to say it's the Democrats putting in earmarks, right there we are told the GOP has their dirty hands in them also. So why would someone like Roy Blunt take such a stand against the very basis of the Conservative movement? One good reason could be that they are afraid of losing the White House next year and still being in the minority in both houses - meaning they might not ever get another pet project passed. Now what we need is a Democratic congress to take action against this wasteful spending and worry about putting money into areas that it is needed - like health care.