The People's House? Republicans Hold On Thanks To Gerrymandering

Even though the Republicans held on to the House this week, it doesn't appear that it is the will of the voters:

While not all ballots have been counted, Democrats hold an edge over Republicans in overall votes. According to ThinkProgress, 53,952,240 votes were cast for Democratic candidates, while Republican candidates received 53,402,643. However, thanks in part to redistricting, Republicans will hold more than half the seats in the House while receiving less than half of overall votes.

After the 2010 election, Republicans worked hard on redistricting to help insure that they can keep their seats. While many complain about the electorate college, to me the system we use to come up with our congressional districts is much more antiquated and disastrous than the electoral college will ever be. Hopefully we can work to fix that in the future, coming up with an actual, bi-partisan commission that redraws the lines, instead of the current, partisan nightmare we have.