Perhaps Obama Should Pull A Palin

It has been an interesting weekend. First rumors started flying that Todd and Sarah Palin are getting a divorce, which was immediately followed by a cease and desist from Palin’s attorney to the reporting website.  Then we found out President Obama was truly born in Kenya, as proven by a birth certificate.

For the former story our proof only lies in rumors and what individuals say. We have to take Palin’s word on it that they are not getting a divorce, and it appears that not only myself, but most on the left are willing to take their word for it. As for the birth certificate, well that has been widely proven to be a forgery, and not even a very good one (forged documents involving Africa – haven’t we been down this road before?).

So I was thinking about these two stories and thought that maybe President Obama should follow in the leadership examples of Sarah Palin. Perhaps its time for some White House lawyers to issue cease and desist lawyers to the people trying to push this whole birther notion. Go and serve them at their places of employment, and especially serve CNN and WND for their promoting this nonsense.

Now if that happens I wonder how the right will respond? Will we see yet another double standard where Palin can be allowed to do such a thing, yet Obama isn’t? It wouldn’t be surprising if that was exactly the case.