The Polls Weren't Wrong - The Pundits Were

Joe Conason sums it up perfectly:

The polls that had showed Barack Obama well ahead of Clinton were not so much wrong as misleading -- or at least badly interpreted by journalists too eager to write Clinton's political obituary. In fact, the polls correctly measured Obama's share of the vote. What happened during the contest's last few days was that the undecided broke for Clinton, and the question is why.

Keith Olbermann also Reported on this the other night. He showed how more than 1/4 of the voters were undecided. So where does it say in the Constition that people aren't undecided must vote for the front runner in the polls?

This was also part of Chris Matthews defense this morning (we are working on getting video for C&L). The problem is that Matthews was one of the pundits writing off Clinton because he ignored the undecided count in the polls. I guess that helped him with his sexist agenda.