Shuster Suspended From MSNBC

It started when Shuster said the Clinton's were "pimpin" out Chelsea to help with the election, which Shuster apologized for this morning. Then a conference call this afternoon with the Clinton campaign resulted in the campaign saying they would not appear on anymore MSNBC debates. Now MSNBC has suspended Shuster from any broadcasts, except to air his apology.

Yes it was wrong for Shuster to say that, but he apologized twelve hours later. When Matthews made his comment it took over a week before he apologized, and then he was heavily defended by Shuster and others, including Joe Scarborough, and the blogs were the ones blamed. It sounds like MSNBC has some serious problems going on there.

I want to clarify that I am in no way supporting Shuster for his comments. I have never heard anyone say "Bush is pimpin out Jenna" or "Cheney is pimpin out Mary" in the past, so there is a serious problem here and MSNBC did a good thing addressing it so quickly. Having said that, the same level of conduct and discipline need to be carried out throughout the entire organization - including Matthews.