Spielberg Pulls His Support Of The Olympics

Good for him:

Steven Spielberg said Tuesday that he was withdrawing as an artistic adviser to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, after almost a year of trying unsuccessfully to prod President Hu Jintao of China to do more to try to end Sudan's attacks in the Darfur region.

Mr. Spielberg's decision, and the public way he announced it, is a blow to China, which has said that its relationship with Sudan should not be linked to the Olympics, which have become a source of national pride.

In a statement sent to the Chinese ambassador and the Beijing Olympic committee on Tuesday, Mr. Spielberg said that his "conscience will not allow me to continue with business as usual."

A lot of people ignore the influence China has in Darfur, including our own government. Some have said China has the power to virtually end the violence. Of course it takes people from Hollywood to do any action against them, since our government doesn't have the backbone to.