Why Didn't John McCain Speak On The Senate Floor Last Night?

During debate for the bailout, McCain didn't speak. Instead he entered into record a prepared statement. Barack Obama spoke for 13 minutes and all the networks covered it. The same would have happened for McCain, so why did he pass up this free PR?

I was skeptical about the whole "drooping eye" thing about McCain. That could have been something as simple as a back tooth really bothering him. You got a lot of nerves up there, and I have experienced the same thing before from a tooth that is messed up.

Then a few seconds after that happened, John McCain went to leave the stage. He was obviously confused as he walked back and forth until someone escorted him of. John McCain is a lot like George Bush in the sense that situations like that merit a little humor at the cost of ones self. A goofy, playful face to the crowd or quick joke, which McCain is good at. None of that happened.

McCain also gave that interview yesterday with the Des Moines Register, in which an angry John McCain peeked his head out. Not very presidential at all.

Given all that happened with McCain just yesterday, there are now serious questions about his health. The questions are growing around the internet and should bleed over to the traditional media in short time. The McCain campaign could easily put an end to these rumors of his well being by releasing McCain's medical records, but they won't. Why not? Is their something they are hiding? It sure sounds like it.