July 17, 2005 /

The Downfall of our Society Hits Home!

So I am sitting at home, surfing the net when I decided to check the latest headlines on ‘My Yahoo’. It is by far one of the most popular services out there that is used in order to keep up on news and other items, as matter of fact you can keep up to date […]

So I am sitting at home, surfing the net when I decided to
check the latest headlines on ‘My Yahoo’. It is by far one of the most popular
services out there that is used in order to keep up on news and other items, as
matter of fact you can keep up to date on new posts I make here through this
free service.

One of my most favorite features of this service is the
“most emailed stories” section. It gives you a sense of what people are talking
about around the internet. It keeps track of stories by the number of people who
actually click the “email story” link in order to share it.

So as I am reading, I found the third most emailed story on
the list as something that sounded really familiar. “Rape Spurs Anti-Hispanic
Backlash in Ohio
” the headline read. Living in Ohio I had to check it out.

HAMILTON, Ohio – It started with the spray-painted,
misspelled “Rapest” on the house of a Hispanic man accused of sexually
assaulting a 9-year-old white girl. Then the house went up in flames in a
suspected arson.

That’s how the article starts. Wow I can’t believe it. I
actually don’t live in Hamilton, Ohio but I am very close, as matter of fact I
am so close all you have to do is walk out my backyard and go through the gate
in the fence and you are in Hamilton. Needless to say, this story came as no
shock since it has been the hot topic around town.

Hamilton is a typical “small town” U.S.A. The economy has
been severely impacted over the last couple decades by the loss of manufacturing
jobs. Once being home to numerous paper mills, Diebold safes and a GM plant on
the border, there are many who have now found themselves with lower paying jobs
or even worse. It is a typical town in economic despair. Now a town who wants to
attract business is facing this kind of bad publicity.

Now I can’t help feeling sorry for the victim or her family
in this tragic event, but now there are more innocent victims. We do have a
major Hispanic population in our town, and most are really good people. It’s
truly sad that this crime happened and now people have used it to “profile”
Hispanics. I wonder why this kind of profiling never occurred with priests.

Race hate is a growing epidemic in America. From volunteer
border patrols to groups like Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas who host a site
called God Hates Fags, it leaves you with a taste of what America is becoming.
We are facing enough problems in the world today without race groups such as the KKK adding to it. It strikes me as odd how our President sits there and talks
about his campaigning for minorities, yet has done nothing for them.

These growing problems are something that could lead to new
forms of terrorism in our country. We don’t have to worry as much that Al Qaeda
will strike as we might have to worry about hate groups striking. We have seen
it throughout the years, particularly with bombings of abortion clinics. While
our leaders denounce them they never consider them terrorist attacks. Truth be
told, they are terrorist attacks. They are similar to the ones Iraqi’s face

So why don’t our leaders coin them as such. Well the answer
is simple. Take abortion, one issue that has been one of the biggest political
debates of our time. If we started considering the people who bomb abortion
clinics as terrorists, then we people would naturally associate pro-lifers with
terrorism. Now I am not saying that pro-lifers are terrorists but human nature
dictates that if we considered the bombers terrorists that the entire group
would fall under that category, much the same as people consider Muslims
terrorists when in actuality it is only the extremists.

This has caused our leaders to carefully watch the wording
they use on these types of people. I mean if we considered abortion clinic
bombers as terrorists, then people would consider pro-lifers as terrorists which
means that the Republican Party would now be considered a terrorist
organization. The same can also be applied to groups such as the KKK who survive
by spreading hate. They are a religious extremist group, much the same as Al
Qaeda, who live by hate. The Republican Party is the dominate Christian party of
our country and most members of the KKK are in fact Republicans. Don’t believe
it. Look at the 2000 Republican primary when John McCain ended up losing his
nice lead over George Bush because of rumors he had a “mixed” daughter.

Now all Christians are not Republicans, but I think it is
safe to say that the “extremist” Christians such as the Klan do belong to that
party. Yes in the past there have been Democrats who belonged to the KKK but
that was in a different time. Just remember, it wasn’t that long ago that a
Republican who was a member of the Klan ran for President – David Duke.

So we are now at a time where we seem to be going back in
time. We are fighting an unjust war, and dealing with growing racial tensions in
our country. This is the legacy that will be written in the history books as
“The George W. Bush Years”. Thanks George for tearing this once great nation
into pieces!

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