January 21, 2008 /

Debate Blogging

8:08 – Opening on the economy. HRC: Wants to invest in green technologies to create jobs. Bush’s rebate plan will leave 50-60 million people out. She did highlight that includes seniors on social security and their expenses have gone up more than their income. BO: Starts with quoting MLK. GWB has skewed our tax code […]

8:08 – Opening on the economy.

HRC: Wants to invest in green technologies to create jobs. Bush’s rebate plan will leave 50-60 million people out. She did highlight that includes seniors on social security and their expenses have gone up more than their income.

BO: Starts with quoting MLK. GWB has skewed our tax code to the wealthy. Spent billions on a needless war. Wants tax cuts into the pockets of “hard working Americans’. Wants $500 for tax rebates and a supplement to social security payments.

JE: Thanking MLK. Added 5 mil people to the poverty level over last 7 years.Poverty is the “cause of my life”. Invest in green infrastructure to create long term jobs. Attacked HRC and BO for supporting Peru trade deal.

BO: Goes after HRC on NAFTA. Attacks JE on voting for trade with China.

WOLF: Wants to get back to immediate economic stimulus

HRC: Doesn’t want to open tax codes with GOP in Senate trying to make GWB tax cuts permanent.

8:20 – This is not the Nevada debate. They are going after each other.

JE: Blasts back at BO that Peru trade agreement left GWB enforcing it. BO says in a years time he will be enforcing it.

Suzanne Malveaux – Asked OB about HRC’s claim that his package has jobs that can’t be guaranteed. OB defends it by going after Bill and saying all the things he said are not true. This is what the media has been waiting for.

HRC – To BO – I think what you say and your record does matter. Going after him on his Reagan comment. Says the Republicans had ideas, but they were bad ideas. Says BO wants to put a lot of money into foreign aide but has not stated how he would pay for it.

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BO and HRC are going back and forth now. HRC is getting pissed. BO is trying to add to what he said. Told HRC when she was sitting on the board on Wall Street he was fighting the fights.

HRC: Told BO he said 2 different things – RR was transformational leader and Republicans having ideas. BO “I didn’t say they were good ones”. HRC yes they did have ideas and they were bad ideas.

OUCH!!! HRC brings up Rezko

JE: Are there 3 people in this debate – not 2? Asked the voters if they want to hear this stuff. Got big applause for this. Candidates must understand that it is not about them personally. Trying to get back to fiscal responsibility.

JE: HRC has not addressed social security. They tried to cut him off and he got pissed “Lord knows you let them go on forever”. JE has some fight in his eyes tonight.

8:32 – Joe Johns to JE Asks about African Americans being 30% more likely to be sold subprime loan. Is subprime mess part of race?

JE: Yes – they have targeted lowest income/most vulnerable families. Need national law on predatory payday lenders. Got to help low income families save.

HRC: Wants a 90 day workout instead of bailout. Brings up banks borrowing money from overseas and homeowners losing homes.

BO: We need to help homeowners and not speculators. Have history in country of preying on low income. Give people access to financing. Get rid of predatory lending.

BO: HRC voted for bankruptcy bill but hoped it wouldn’t past.

Wolf: Letting BO respond to Rezko.

BO: Did 5 hours worth of work on a large project. Thinks debate is important because we need to be able to trust leaders.Truthfulness during campaigns matter.

HRC: I said I regretted voting for bankruptcy bill. Opposed bill in 2005. Amendment added in prohibiting CC companies from charging 30% interest. HRC voted against. BO voted for.

BO: Voted because the limit was to high. JE catches him on it and said there would be no limit at all. HRC “you voted with the CC companies”. BO – there was no consistency.

HRC: To BO: it’s difficult to have any debate because you don’t take any responsibility. BO voted 130 times in state senate present.

BO: HRC combing 4,000 votes and picking one. Not willing to say anything to get elected. Don’t enjoy spending last two weeks defending false attacks.

JE: I think it’s important if you are willing to take hard positions. To BO: didn’t hear a reason why you voted present instead of up or down.

BO: In Il. you vote present to indicate you have a problem with it.

JE: What you are criticizing HRC for on picking out a single vote is what you are doing to us (think Iraq).

BO: Votes didn’t have political consequences.

8:50 – Malveaux. TO HRC – Why would African American women be better off in your healthcare?

HRC: My plan will give comprehensive healthcare to everyone. AIDS is a chronic disease. We need Univ. Health Care to manage chronic diseases. Wants health care tax credits.

Joe Johns – to BO. Does your plan cover the estimated 12 million or so illegal immigrants?

BO: No – we got limited resources. We need to cover citizens first. Clinton’s tried to pass health care in the wrong way because it was behind close doors. We must include insurance companies and HMOs.

Wolf to JE: Does your plan cover illegals?

JE: No – none of ours does. Wants to strengthen the hospitals so they can cover everyone. There are 3 healthcare plans. Two are universal – one isn’t (BO’s). To be universal must include everyone. BO has taken money from drug companies. HRC has taken money from insurance companies.

BO: I don’t take money from companies – it comes from employees. They aren’t lobbyists. HRC and JE wants to mandate coverage for everyone. JE has been clearing on taking money from paychecks. HRC hasn’t said where it comes from. Wants his plan that people can buy into it. HRC and BO have hardship that doesn’t cover people.

JE: No it doesn’t. Everyone is worthy of healthcare and should have access to it.

HRC: If a Democrat doesn’t stand for healthcare that covers every American there are problems. My plan combines employer and individual responsibility and keeps medicare and medicaid. Won’t leave 15 million out of healthcare. BO was for single payer when ran for Senate. Has changed over the last four years. I am not running for President to put bandaids on the problem.

BO: If we aren’t making it affordable enough and you mandate on families to buy. Believes people want coverage and that people will purchase it. I never said we should have single payer.

9:05 Joe Johns to HRC: Will you end war or win it?

HRC: Looking to bring troops home starting within 60 days. There is no military solution. Troops should not remain as referees. Purpose of surge was to force Iraqi govt. to work quickly to benchmarks. Iraqi’s are working because they know Bush is almost out.

Wolf to JE: McCain says surge is working – why do you beleive he is wrong?

JE: GB said the reason for surge was to give room for political gains. Unless Sunni and Shiite reach agreement there can’t be stabilization. There has been a little progress in Iraq – not much. In first year all combat troops out and missions ended and no permanent bases in Iraq.

BO: I want to be as careful getting out as careless getting in. Depends on if Bush drawls down from surge. Al Qaeda is stronger now than anytime since 2001. That is a threat we have to deal with. Not a matter of who is right and who is wrong. How do we deal with future threats.

HRC: I will move as quickly as possible – hope to have nearly all troops out in a year. GWB is trying to negotiate to have permanent bases in Iraq and won’t come to Congress. Trying to bind U.S. and next President to his war. We got to reign in GWB. It would be a treaty that must be approved by Congress.

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9:30 – Joe Johns to BO – do you think Clinton was first black President?

BO: Clinton deserves credit for helping bring people together. Would have to investigate Bill’s dancing abilities before he could judge if he was a “brother”.

HRC: You got a African American, woman and son of the south – what a better way to celebrate MLK. We are passionate because of the problems GWB has created.

BO: Appreciate HRC and JE giving him a rough time – shows he is doing good.

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