August 29, 2013 /

Arkansas Republican Accidentally Shoots Teacher During School Training

As our nation debates the arming of personnel in schools, an accident in Arkansas back in January has gone unreported and could drastically change the debate.

Arkansas Republican Accidentally Shoots Teacher During School Training

From the department of “you can’t make this shit up”, keeping late night comedians employed for decades now:

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Benton, is interested in exploring whether state law allows school districts to make decisions on school safety. If a legal avenue does not exist, he hopes the Legislature will change the law. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, Hutchinson became interested in arming school personnel, he said. He was invited to attend an “active shooter” training and – using a rubber bullet-loaded pistol – he mistakenly shot a teacher who was confronting a “bad guy.” The experience gave Hutchinson some pause, but he still supports giving schools the authority to decide how best to secure their campuses.

Yeah, yeah. I know. It was just a rubber bullet. No biggie. Of course this accident happened under a controlled situation, where no matter how realistic it is, the participants still know that it is a training situation. There is no life and death (or supposed to be) scenario injected into this, no real risk of injury (save that rubber bullet). You don’t have some crazed gunmen running around with God knows what kind of weapons and any amount of ammo, plus maybe wearing body armor. All the stress factors you encounter in real life are pretty much void here. STILL! Someone gets shot. But the irony of this story doesn’t stop here. Just who is Jeremy Hutchinson? Well look here:

Let’s not forget Jeremy Hutchinson is the nephew of the Asa Hutchinson. Asa is the NRA’s point person on putting armed guards, not necessarily law enforcement officials, in every school in America.

Yup, Asa Hutchinson, the head of the NRA’s “National School Shield Initiative” Task Force, the program pushing to arm every school has his own family prove why their idea is down right horrible. You know, I was wondering why we hadn’t heard about this before. This seems like it would be the kind of story someone would have leaked out, with all the debate over guns and arming school personnel. We don’t even know when this happened, just that it did happen sometime between December and now. And even now it really isn’t a story. It’s an afterthought in a much larger article about Arkansas state law in regards to arming school personnel. But now we can see why it was kept so quiet. Turns out this kind of story is horrible press for the NRA and their push to arm teachers. I mean this is the kind of press you might shoot people to keep out of the media, if you’re the NRA. Another thing struck me as being really interesting as I was researching this article. Hutchinson isn’t an off the rails gun fanatic by any means. He has stated he’s against easing state regulations on purchasing and possessing guns, as well as allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons. With those two items, you would think the NRA might think a little less favorably of him, but they don’t. Instead the NRA Political Victory Fund gives this guy an A. Now that seems really odd. Perhaps his uncle has something to do with that too?

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