August 14, 2013 /

CNN Goes Birther!

CNN has jumped into the birther bandwagon, but this time it's different and so is the target.

CNN Goes Birther!

CNN has gone into birther mode, but not in a way we are accustomed too. Instead CNN is questioning the eligibility of a Tea Party darling to run for President. That darling is Ted Cruz. Here’s the video of CNN questioning if Cruz is a natural born citizen. Unlike President Obama, who has proven time and time again that he was born in Hawaii, there are some serious questions of Ted Cruz’s eligibility. Cruz was actually born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother. Of course this won’t stop the right from thinking this is some attack by CNN, especially with Drudge pushing this headline: But what Drudge hasn’t pushed is the fact the CNN isn’t the first to question this. For example:

While she “loves” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as a potential presidential candidate, Ann Coulter is not entirely certain whether the Texas Republican would be eligible under constitutional requiring the president to be a “natural-born citizen.” Geraldo Rivera insisted that Cruz having been born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother causes a bit of a legal headache, considering Article 2, Section 1′s requirement that “No person except a natural born Citizen”

Hmmm, those aren’t exactly some lefties there. Neither is this guy:

During an interview for “This Week,” real estate mogul Donald Trump questioned whether Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would be eligible for the White House given his Canadian birth. “If he was born in Canada, perhaps not.” Trump told ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

So we got Ann Coulter, Geraldo Rivera and Donald Trump all questioning Cruz’s eligibility. Now I really do hope this guy runs, just to see if he is given the same scrutiny as President Obama. Oh 2016 could be a lot of fun!

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