September 1, 2013 /

Happy Labor Day And Welcome To The New Intoxination

As we spend the weekend celebrating us, the working class, I have decided it was time for me to do a little extra work on IntoxiNation.

Happy Labor Day And Welcome To The New Intoxination

I want to take a moment to wish all my readers a happy and safe Labor Day. We all spend such a large part of our lives working the days away, that we need time to relax and honor ourselves.

Also, I would like to welcome everyone to the new Intoxination. Hard to believe it has been over eight years since I started this blog. Thinking way back to those early days, where Intoxination lived on Blogger, so much has changed. This blog is no exception to that rule.

With this new design and layout, I have moved Intoxination further into the new world of online media. The site is now fully responsive, meaning the same page you are viewing now will layout differently depending on your device resolution. You can resize your browser to see that in action. That means it doesn’t matter if you are one your desktop, tablet or phone, you can still enjoy intoxination.

I have also done away with the large posts on the front page. This isn’t an attempt to garner more links or anything like that, but rather to help accomodate those on smaller devices better. It also gives you a quicker overview of our latest posts without the need to do a bunch of scrolling, plus adds a considerable amount of speed to the time it takes the front page to load.

Throughout the coming weeks I will be doing some other tweaks to the site. One other goal I am trying to achieve is making it easier for myself to write posts, given the limited time I have anymore. Overall I want a much easier to read and follow site, that is also easier to maintain. It’s a winning situation all around. 

I hope you enjoy the new format and continue to comeback. If you notice any problems, then please leave a comment about it. I will also be tweaking the site throughout the coming weeks, and adding new features.

Thank you for your continued support of Intoxination!



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