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Media Shock On A Democratic Divide

It seems that the media has forgotten that not everyone agrees with their party or leaders. That isn't shocking after eight years of Bush.

Media Shock On A Democratic Divide

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”

Those 9 words, spoken 27 years ago by then gubernatorial candidate for California, Ronald Reagan, became the 11th Commandment of the Republican Party.Whenever a Republican goes against their leaders, their are swiftly reminded of it. We saw this in action during the Bush years. Any Republican that dare questioned the Iraq war or Bush’s handling of the “War on Terror” were quickly taken to the woodshed and some even ended up leaving the party.

But now we have a new war on the horizon and a Democrat is sitting in the Oval Office. Democrats don’t have that 11th commandment either. We put our beliefs, convictions, family and country before party. We pledge allegiance to the flag, not the party. That’s why the media is shocked with divide over Syria and we now see headlines like this:

Democrats Face Syria Strike Divide

See, the media can’t come to grips with the fact that Democrats have the ability to think on their own. They don’t sit there and blindly follow their leader. Instead, Democrats weigh consequences, benefits, outcome and a wide range of other factors before committing to a decision. If more Republicans could do that, instead of having to fall in line like good little foot soldiers, we may not have ended up in another war ten years ago. That didn’t happen though and countless lives were lost, trillions in dollars spent and nations torn apart, all so people wouldn’t go against those very dangerous and idiotic nine words spoken by a fake cowboy, that later became our President.

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