November 18, 2013 /

George Zimmerman Arrested Again. Wingnuts Rush To Defense

George Zimmerman is back in the news, this time arrested for pointing a gun at his girlfriend. Here is the details of the charge, along with the 911 audio.

George Zimmerman Arrested Again. Wingnuts Rush To Defense

News broke this afternoon that George Zimmerman was once again arrested. This video provides more details of why, along with the 911 call. In short, Zimmerman got into a fight with his girlfriend, pulled a shotgun and pointed it at her face and broke things in her house. The 911 call is also included in the video and now George is facing felonious assault charges.

So that’s what happened, and you may have heard about it. What else is happening, which you may not know unless you hit the wingnut blogs is the crapsiracy theories about this. For example, these two comments over at Weasel Zippers:

Now that is really digging deep for a conspiracy. So the Attorney General of the United States, with nothing better to do, orchestrated a way to get Zimmerman to carry a gun into his girlfriends and beat her up, break her stuff, plus get the Seminole County Sheriff’s office to collude with this by staging close by. Even more shocking is that everyone involved must be big Obama supporters, since no one there has made this claim.

Or how about this one over at Legal Insurrection?

So the Republican prosecutor in Florida is orchestrating this. Wow, who would have thunk that??

This is the racist right in full blown “oh shit” mode. They wanted to believe there is no way a non-black person would kill a black person without reason. A screwed up Florida law let Zimmerman walk. Since then this man has had almost weekly run ins with the law, but that hasn’t stopped these scums of society from defending him. Hell, they have even bought the man guns!!!! 

Again, this is the racism of the right, and it’s far scary than the old racists like the KKK. A least those people could admit their hatred. These creatures, deprived of evolution, are too afraid or ignorant to even admit that they have a problem. Instead they want to believe that a black kid walking home is a threat and the black Attorney General is more corrupt than the mafia in Hollywood movies. No white man would be doing anything wrong! Oh but wait, he isn’t white. No, they refer to him as Latin, just to show that they aren’t racist. Let’s just call that the weakest form of justification there is.

So now we get to await another Zimmerman trial. While we are waiting for that, we can start taking bets on when Hannity will have Zimmerman on again and start launching another defense. I mean after all, this victim was of the opposite sex, and we all know women deserve this kind of stuff. Just ask this commenter over at Legal Insurrection, complaining about law enforcement being able to take Zimmerman’s guns again:


There is so much sickness in these people that it can’t even be justified.


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