January 9, 2014 /

Chris Christie Just Doesn't Know The Law

In the almost 2 hour saga that is the Christie Presser, probably the most egregious of all statements have just been made.

Chris Christie Just Doesn't Know The Law

Almost 2 hours in and Christie keeps digging himself deeper, but this one is the winner so far. A reporter just asked Christie when political misconduct becomes criminal. Christie shrugs and responds “I don’t know”. Sure Christie is a governor, and this question would be better posed to an actual attorney that handles this kind of stuff. Perhaps this person might now:

Christie received praise for his record of convictions in public corruption cases. His office convicted or won guilty pleas from 130 public officials, both Republican and Democratic, at the state, county and local levels.

That would be U.S. attorney Chris Christie and appears on the Wikipedia page for this person, who apparently is now not the governor of New Jersey. 

As I type this Christie is talking about sincerity. That’s not more than 5 minutes after making this statement. Christie started off sounding sincere, but as he rambles on that sincerity has been buried by deflection, shift of blame and flat out lies. The part of the GOP that did like him in the past is certain to jump ship now and we can expect to see bi-partisan calls for his resignation.

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