January 9, 2014 /

Christie Was Even Winning Me Over On His Presser, Until…

Chris Christie's press conference into the lane closures on the George Washington bridge was beauty. His playing of the victim card was worthy of an Oscar, until he overplayed it in a major way.

Christie Was Even Winning Me Over On His Presser, Until...

Chris Christie is still answering questions in his press conference on the GW Bridge scandal, but he just did something that really blew my mind. 

From the on-start of the presser, Christie was doing an amazing job at playing the victim card. He said he has fired his Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, the person behind the emails that brought the scandal to light. He went on to apologize to the people of his state for the scandal and even accepted responsibility for what happened, in a “the buck stops here” fashion. I actually found my liberal ass sitting there feeling for the guy. Maybe he didn’t have any clue about what happened and was lied to by a trusted aide. That happens all the time, so yeah, I did feel for the guy.

But then it got interesting.

Christie, in the middle of what is possibly the most important press conference of his life, was winning people over big. A scandal that outrages anyone, regardless of political belief, was being turned around into Christie’s favor. But just like poker, you can easily overplay your hand in trying to gain public sympathy.

“I have over 65,000 employees working for me in this government and there is no way I can know what each one is doing”

That isn’t verbatim, but pretty damn close to what Christie said and it made my jaw drop to the floor. Christie, in his up to now successful attempt to gain public support, just threw this out there. He expects the people to believe that some guy filling potholes on the turnpike is the equivalent to his deputy chief of staff. Really? How dumb does he think the people of his state are? 

People say Chris Christie can be the salvation of the GOP in 2016. If that’s the case then the GOP is beyond saving. 

Great job on taking a losing situation, turning it into a winning one and then totally blowing it with one of the most callous statements a politician has ever made. Now I really hope they find evidence tying this bastard directly to the scandal.


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