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Wingnut Outrage Prompts MSNBC To Fire Employee For Offensive Tweet

An offensive tweet sent out on MSNBC's Twitter stream this week, coupled with outrage from the right has prompted MSNBC to terminate an employee. So what about Phil Robertson?

Wingnut Outrage Prompts MSNBC To Fire Employee For Offensive Tweet

On Wednesday MSNBC’s twitter account sent that tweet out. Within minutes it was deleted and an apology issued over their Twitter Feed:

Earlier, this account tweeted an offensive line about the new Cheerios ad. We deeply regret it. It does not reflect the position of msnbc.

— msnbc (@msnbc) January 30, 2014

But that wasn’t enough for the right and they instantly went into war mode. The “outrage” stated with wingnuts like Michelle Malkin, then went all the way up to RNC chair Reince Preibus, who told members of his party to boycott MSNBC and Phil Griffin, the President of MSNBC, was willing to reach out to Preibus and apologize. Well Griffin just did that and even told Prebius that the employee who sent the tweet has been fired.Of course none of that is good enough and the wingnuts are still blasting the network and now saying that the apology is “hollow” because Al Sharpton is still on the network

Enough! Let me post this, not from some intern or anything, but from me, the owner of this blog. Today’s right is the most racist, thin-skinned, hate filled bigots that this nation has seen in decades. Not only that, but they are also the biggest hyopcrites, and let me tell you why.

Let’s hit the time machine. Remember way, way back to December of 2013? Some billionaire, who dresses up and plays redneck on the teevee, said some really offensive things about gays and blacks. This was done in an interview with a magazine, where he was answering questions on behalf of this show owned by a network, to the point that a PR person from said network was even present for the interview.

Yes, I’m talking about A&E and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. Robertson was never fired, but rather put on indefinite suspension. Instantly the right was up in arms, claiming that the first amendment was dead. Even Republican politicians got into the game, and we saw a continuation of that this week when a Republican congressman had a quack from Duck Dynasty as his guest at the State of the Union.

After a week of outrage, Phil Robertson was reinstated into the show and didn’t even miss a single filming. In other words his vacation became the suspension. Real harsh punishment there.

Now let’s compare these two stories.

At MSNBC a low level employee sends out a tweet that is highly offensive to a group of people in this country. That employee was fired, and rightfully so.

One of the main stars of the highest rated show on a major cable network gives an interview as the star of that network owned show. In that interview, this star makes some very disperaging comments about not only blacks, but also gays. That star still has a job and never even missed a day of work.

Thinking about this, it appears that the right believes that the only people who should be afforded first amendment rights are billionaires that pretend to be rednecks on television. If you’re some low level employee at a news network, then no freedom of speech for you. 

If course nether issue was ever about the first amendment, despite the right’s push for it during the Robertson debacle. The party that claims they are all about the Constitution doesn’t even know the first few words of the bill of rights, which says “Congress shall make no law”. Last I checked A&E, as well as MSNBC wasn’t Congress and there was no law passed.

But back to the point at hand. I said MSNBC rightfully fired that employee for sending the tweet, and I believe that. That employee was charged with representing the network through social media. They failed miserably as well as publicly and the punishment fits the crime. Then we have Phil Robertson, who was representing A&E as the star of their biggest show, giving an interview. He made the same mistakes as this employee of MSNBC, yet he still has a job and didn’t even miss a day of work. 

That brings me to the main point. If the right feels that this employee from MSNBC deserves to be fired, and even thinks that Al Sharpton should be fired, then they must also call on A&E to fire Phil Robertson. Unless they do that, then the employee from MSNBC sent out a tweet that was actually factual. The right still has a deep racism problem and now a huge problem of hypocrisy. 



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