February 18, 2014 /

NY Post Again Claims Climate Change Farce Because Of Snow

While Australia is still smoldering in a record breaking heatwave, the New York Post, owned by Austrlian Ruppert Murdoch, again claims global warming is a farce because SNOW!

NY Post Again Claims Climate Change Farce Because Of Snow

There is no shortage of moronic articles written by idiotic people claiming climate change is a lie, but this one has to take the cake. Again the pea-minded right uses their scientific skills of pointing to snow outside to discredit 99% of the scientists in the world:

I’m jealous of all deluded salesmen of the junk science known by the politically correct term “climate change’’ who see a near future in which our entire planet turns into sunny Florida. No, wait — during the polar vortex that hit this country like a cold slap in the face last month, all 50 United States and Washington, DC, recorded temperatures below freezing. That includes Florida. Hawaii, too.

This just goes to show you that you can teach any mammal to tap out a few words on a keyboard, regardless of how small their brain might be. See, she even admits it’s “climate change”, but still only focuses on warming. We’ve been seeing records broken all year from this winter storm. I would count that as change, despite what Andrea Peyser might think.

And let’s not forget that the owner of this junk-publication happens to be from the other side of the globe. In Australia the record smashing heatwave has already cost over 200 lives. But hey, selling papers is way more important than human life! 

Of course once the seas rise, millions more die, wars break out over resources and the planet starts dying, people like Peyser and Murdoch will then blame the people who warned about this for not doing enough. That is just how sick minded these kind of people are.

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