February 10, 2014 /

Republicans To Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Over Paul Ryan

With the debt ceiling debate in high gear, the GOP is now poised to hold it hostage over something Paul Ryan helped craft.

Republicans To Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Over Paul Ryan

The House GOP has found a new bartering tool for raising the debt ceiling:

House Republican leaders are preparing to pitch to their members a deal that would raise the nation’s borrowing cap for one year in exchange for ending military pension cuts that were part of the bipartisan budget deal passed earlier this year, according to staff sources.

The deal is designed to attract Democratic support, which became necessary when GOP leaders discovered last week that there is a large enough chunk of their conference unwilling to support a debt limit increase to make the must-pass bill impossible to move with only GOP votes..

There has been a push from the wingnuts to make these pension cuts appear as though they are something from the left, but the fact of the matter is they are from the budget golden child of the right, Paul Ryan. Back in December, Ryan even took to writing an op-ed in USA Today to explain the issue and why it had to be in the budget bill. So now the GOP is going to hold the debt ceiling hostage in order to undo something crafted and pushed by the person they claim is their expert on the budget, which also adds $20 billion over ten years, per their man. This is what a GOP in disarray looks like. 


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