March 27, 2015 /

A Horrid Crime And The Right's Quick Turn To Blaming Islam

As investigators try to get to figure out why the co-pilot of a Germanwings jetliner crashed the plane, America's right has taken to a standard game of hate-motivated lie.

A Horrid Crime And The Right's Quick Turn To Blaming Islam

Investigators into the intentional crashing of a Germanwings Airbus by the co-pilot has lead investigators to the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz’s, home. Here is what USA Today is reporting:

Police found the medical certificate and other documents during a search Thursday at the Duesseldorf home of Andreas Lubitz, the 27-year-old Germanwings co-pilot.

The statement by the Duesseldorf prosecutors office said, however, that police found no suicide note or claim of responsibility from the co-pilot, who investigators said deliberately crashed the plane on Tuesday, killing 150 people. Nor did they find evidence of a political or religious background linked to the tragedy.

So, no ties to religion or anything was found. How can that play into a narrative that has been growing by the American right, that this was some evil Muslim? Well, leave it to the Tea Party News Network:

Emerging evidence indicates that the 28 year old copilot who crashed a Germanwings flight this week had converted to Islam, and had stayed at the same mosque which radicalized Mohammed Atta from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Police have reportedly found an “item of significance” at the apartment of Andreas Lubitz, the First Officer who crashed the Germanwing passenger plane into the Alps.  The item was NOT a suicide note.

So TPNN has news that USA Today doesn’t? I have searched other news articles, and nothing says there are items of interest or anything about him being a recent convert to Islam. I guess TPNN has their own investigators, that got into the apartment? Somehow I don’t think so, and here is why:

Pamela Geller, a prominent American anti-jihadist, captured images and comments from Lubitz’s Facebook page, which has since been taken down.

OMG they found his Facebook page!!!! Well that must be the answer, right? 

Wrong. Let’s have a look at the “captured images” that Pam Geller got.

Notice anything? How about the fact that this is a Facebook page, and not an actual account? Or how about the fact that this page only has 1 like. Then there’s the fact that this page only had 3 posts total, and all three of those posts were done within an hour. 

What does all that say? Simple – the page is a fake. It wasn’t created by Andreas Lubitz, unless Facebook has secured technologies to allow people to post and create pages from beyond the grave. It also only had a single like, which would be the page creator, then was suddenly gone from Facebook.

Now let’s add in a little more information here. It turns out the Lubitz did have a Facebook account, which is also now gone. But it was available before being deactivated and followed Facebook’s new policy of changing pages to memorials when a user passes. And as this article states:

Other pages claiming to be Lubitz’s, plainly hoaxes, have sprung up since the crash. Some have already been removed, as have some fake Twitter accounts.

So either Pammy Geller and her hate-filled cohorts of the right got duped by a fake page, or they made a fake page to try and pass it off. Given the past track record of Geller, I have to say the latter is what happened. 


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