April 20, 2015 /

Perhaps The Right Should Have Vetted Their Latest Hero

An Air Force veteran made news this weekend when she was arrested after trying to take a flag from protestors, which the protestors were stepping on. Quickly hailed as a hero by the right, there is more to this "patriot" than meets the eye.

Perhaps The Right Should Have Vetted Their Latest Hero

The video above is from protests that occurred Friday on the campus of Valdosta State University. While the subject of the protest remains unclear, the news quickly gained attention when Air Force veteran, Michelle Manhart, tried to intervene and take the flag the protestors were stomping on to show disdain towards the government. Despite all the debate over the years, and while flag desecration does remain a crime under the United States Code, it is an unenforceable crime since 1989 when the Supreme Court ruled such acts were protected under the First Amendment in the case of Texas v. Johnson.

Ultimately Manhart was cuffed, but ended up never being charged, despite her resisting officers. 

But there is another side of this story that the media doesn’t seem to be covering. Manhart herself appears to not have much respect for Old Glory.

Yes, that is Michelle Manhart appearing nude with the American Flag, which just so happens to also be dragging the ground, which just so happens to be in violation of the Flag Code:

“The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.”

According to ReverbPress, Manhart also has a history of nudity, which ultimately lead to her demise in the Air Force:

After posing in her uniform and nude for Playboy in 2007, she was demoted for violating the standards expected of military personnel. Instead of accepting this demotion, she decided to quit. So this conservative hero decided to pose nude in her uniform, knowing she’d likely face repercussions, and then turned her back on her country and service instead of facing the consequences of said actions.

So apparently the Flag Code and what constitutes a violation only applies to people that Manhart disagrees with. If it’s her abusing Old Glory, then there is no problem at all. Perhaps the right should do some quick googling before crowning an obvious hypocrite as some sort of hero. 

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