August 26, 2015 /

Trump Had An Amazing Idea Yesterday. Let's Hope CNN Bites

A lot of attention was given yestreday to Trump's hired goons removing Univion anchor Jorge Ramos from his press conference. But this has silenced an amazing idea Trump had.

Trump Had An Amazing Idea Yesterday. Let's Hope CNN Bites

By now you have undoubtedly heard that Donald Trump had his security people remove Univision host Jorge Ramos from a press conference yesterday. If not, you can see the video here. But in that same press conference, Trump had a brilliant idea:

“You know for the debate, we had 24 million people. Normally they have 2 million people. What do you say, Ann? Two million if you’re lucky. They had 24. I won’t take credit for it, but believe me, 100% it’s me. 100%. It’s true. So the ratings came out. They were so big and so. It was so big it was the biggest rating in the history of cable television or something. I was a little abused. But it’s OK. I’m used to it… I should go to CNN. And I should say to Jeff Zucker, a great guy. “Jeff, I’m going to do the debate but I want $10 million for charity. American Cancer Society, AIDS research… Otherwise I’m not going to the debate. And, honestly I think they’d pay me. I do.

With the next debate occurring three weeks from today, and being hosted by CNN, I really want to ask CNN to take Trump up on this idea. No I’m not saying Trump is some brilliant politician coming up with some new kind of poll tax. Instead I want CNN to use this against trump. Here’s what they should do.

First CNN should announce in the most public way possible that they have heard the cries of the Trump and are willing to listen. In turn they will donate $10 million to a charity, as Trump suggests. That will be the end of Trump’s ideas though. From there CNN will also announce that while they have agreed to donate money, they have also decided that Trump will not be a part of the debate, given his attempts to bribe the democratic process.

Now I’m sure Trump is right in that the huge ratings for the Fox debate can be attributed to his appearance. But imagine a Trump-less debate; a forum where the other Republican candidates can finally separate themselves from the hair-machine. Millions will tune-in just to hear the Trump bashing that will surely take place. Not only that, but CNN does some good with some cash and gives Trump a big slam. It’s a win all the way around!

Please CNN, let’s do this!


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