October 27, 2015 /

Trump Falls Nationally

Donald Trump has enjoyed the top spot nationally for the past three months. Today that changes in a new CBS/NYTimes poll.

Trump Falls Nationally

After a three month run as being the top candidate in a crowded GOP field, a new poll emerges showing the Donald now falling to second place, behind Ben Carson. 

The new poll, released by the New York Times and CBS has 26% supporting Ben Carson, compared to 22% supporting Donald Trump. Two weeks ago Trump was leading Carson by 6 points. So the day of the Don appears to be coming to a close.

To further show the problems Trump is facing, you have to read further into the poll.

71% are saying that it’s “too early” to make up their mind on who to vote for. That number is up 8 points since the middle of September. So people who were more sold on a candidate have now changed their mind. That’s even more amazing when you consider the fact Trump has enjoyed much more media coverage than all other candidates combined. It also shows just how volatile the GOP field really is. 

As far as Ben Carson being in the lead, he might enjoy it for a month or so, but the more people hear him the more he will start dropping again. I know Republicans that supported Carson for the past few years, but now that he is at the big kids table, and the more they hear him talk, the more they regret ever supporting him.

Basically no one knows what 2016 is going to be like for the Republicans. That’s why the lower candidates like Rubio and Bush are still in there. Republicans love flirting with non-establishment candidates, until election time actually hits. Then they realize the fairy tale is over and goes for someone with actual experience. Just ask Herman Cain. 

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