December 24, 2015 /

My Christmas Wish From Online Progressives

With the primary season really kicking into full gear, I want to ask the progressive blogosphere and online activists for a small favor to make our lives easier.

My Christmas Wish From Online Progressives

I’ve been noticing a very troubling trend over the past few months and have reached the point I need to speak up. 

Feelings are strong; emotions high. We all have our candidate we want to win the nomination, and when certain things happen it does increase our frustration with an ever expanding primary season. That’s why when I see people say “I won’t vote next year if my candidate isn’t the nominee”, I can kind of understand it. Do I shake my head and get upset with the thought someone might not vote, essentially giving the Republicans an extra vote? Of course I do, but it’s the primary season. I remember the same happening in 2008. People are passionate about their candidate and that passion can lead to posting irrational, and yes, even stupid things.

But there’s a larger problem here. Take this article by my friend Bob Cesca:

If Your Favorite Dem Doesn’t Win The Nomination And You Decide To Stay Home, You’re A MASSIVE Idiot

Yes, I agree with what Bob is saying here 100%, but is this really the best tactic? 

Speaking personally as someone who not only shows my activism by blogging, but also being active in my county party, meaning going out and phone banking, canvassing and registering new voters, I must say that this kind of public bullying of frustrated voters is not going to help. 

Just consider this. Most of the people making such claims as “I won’t vote if X doesn’t win” are most likely younger voters. These are people who are making their first or maybe second vote for a President. These are the people we really need to get involved in politics, and insulting them isn’t the way to do it. Trust me. Getting people to actually be willing to volunteer time to help our collective goal is already a highly complicated task. 

So why not tell these frustrated people “if you want to help make sure your candidate wins, get out there and work for it”? Call your local Democratic office and VOLUNTEER! Engage in voter registrations. Do some phone banking or canvassing. At the very least, offer someone a ride to the polls on election day. 

And to my fellow bloggers and online activists, I offer this friendly piece of advice. Instead of trying to bully or insult people into going to the polls, something that never helps, why not offer examples of what happens if Democrats don’t vote. Here’s a great example from just this week:

New Kentucky Gov Lowers Minimum Wage By $3, Revokes Voting Rights For 140,000

See? If you don’t vote, then the other side wins and it can literally cost you! 

And if you can’t find a good link, how about asking them if they like their cheaper healthcare, or, if they are of college age, ask them if they like being able to stay on their parents insurance? Remind them by not voting they are helping to guarantee a Republican landslide and we all know the first outcome of that will be the end to the Affordable Care Act. 

Just remember; insults and name-calling has never swayed anyone. Explanation is always the better alternative. We really need these people, not to just vote, but to also help us attract other voters. 

Thank you for listening to my rant and Merry Christmas! 

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