January 17, 2016 /

Trump's Crazy Claim And Bad Saturday

At the South Carolina Tea Party Conference yesterday, Trump made one of the craziest claims yet, but also attacked Ted Cruz and got met with loud boos.

Trump's Crazy Claim And Bad Saturday

Yesterday was a big Tea Party convention in Myrtle Beach and at it Donald Trump made one of the wildest claims yet:

“And I think I might have had something to do with it, if you want to know the truth”

And what was Trump speaking about? The prisoner swap we had with Iran yesterday

Yes. Donald Trump, who spent the earlier part of the day blasting the swap, decided later on to take credit for it while campaigning.

And this wasn’t reported by some ultra-liberal or even mainstream media outlet. It was posted by the far right Daily Caller. It sounds like the right is really wanting to stop Trump now, and perhaps the best indicator of that happening is the response the teabaggers gave him when he attacked Cruz:

When Cruz spoke here, he did not mention Trump’s name, though some of his more veiled swipes were clearly intended for him.

But Trump was less cautious, and was punished in return; when he said Cruz was beholden to donors, many of the conservative activists responded with boos.

“Well, excuse me. Excuse me. He didn’t report his bank loans? Excuse me,” Trump said, as boos continued to fill the room. “He didn’t report his bank loans. He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs. He’s got bank loans from Citibank and then he acts like Robin Hood. Say whatever you want, it doesn’t work that way.”

In Trump’s defense, the Tea Party has always been about unlimited money going into campaigns, so long as it’s the campaigns of people they support. And the whole reporting thing, well, in the eyes of the average tea bagger that’s just big brother wanting to snoop. 

The booing isn’t all the shocking, but what really got me was what he said at the end: 

“Say whatever you want, it doesn’t work that way”

Really, you are going to say that about another candidate right after trying to take credit for the Iran prisoner swap? I really can’t help but wonder if Trump supporters are the kind that would by a used Ford Pinto from a salesman in a plaid suit, because he told them its the safest car ever made. That or maybe they are busy buying up real estate on the moon. Who knows, but they are supporting what is nothing more than a snake-oil salesman. 


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