March 2, 2016 /

A Day After Being Indicted On Fraud Charges, Big Time GOP Donor Dies In Fiery Crash

While we have two more days to wait for the next season of House of Cards, we get a story to wet our appetites.

A Day After Being Indicted On Fraud Charges, Big Time GOP Donor Dies In Fiery Crash

For a little break from the politics comes a very interesting story:

The Justice Department announced Tuesday night that it had charged Aubrey K. McClendon, an Oklahoma wildcatter whoturbocharged the shale revolution by buying up gas fields across the United States, with conspiring to suppress prices paid for oil and natural gas leases.

The indictment says that Mr. McClendon, who ledChesapeake Energy before he was forced to step down three years ago, orchestrated a conspiracy in which two oil and gas companies colluded not to bid against each other for the purchase of several leases in northwestern Oklahoma from late 2007 to early 2012.

McClendon is your typical fat-cat business slime, having donated millions to politicians and political groups. While his donations have spread across the political aisle, they mostly favored the Republican side, including $250,000 to the Swift Boaters in 2004, along with $250,000 to Progress for America, the Bush/Cheney super PAC in the same year.

But McClendon has apparently found a way to not face the charges filed against him:

Police officers confirm that a man killed in a car wreck early Wednesday morning is the former CEO of Chesapeake Aubrey McClendon

On Wednesday, firefighters were called to a car wreck on Midwest Blvd., between Memorial and 122nd St.

Officials say one person died at the scene when the vehicle hit a bridge in the area.

Here’s a photo from the crash that took his life:

Police said he was going well above the posted limit, so it sounds like that a few hours after being indicted, the big time oilman decided to slime his way out of the charges by taking his own life. So long asshole. No tears will be shed here or by the millions your greed had hurt. 


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