March 25, 2016 /

The National Enquire Bombshell On Cruz – Fact Or Politics?

The National Enquirer has released a huge piece alledging Ted Cruz has been involved in multiple affairs. But could there be something else to it?

The National Enquire Bombshell On Cruz - Fact Or Politics?

The tabloid magazine that put an end to John Edwards political career 8 years ago and won a Pulitzer for it’s reporting on an extra-marital affair of the former Senator is out with another election year bombshell. In it’s current issue, the National Enquirer is alleging that Ted Cruz has had multiple extra-marital affairs

“Private detectives are digging into at least five affairs Ted Cruz supposedly had,” claimed a Washington insider.

“The leaked details are an attempt to destroy what’s left of his White House campaign!”

The ENQUIRER reports that Cruz’s claimed mistresses include a foxy political consultant and a high-placed D.C. attorney!

One of the purported women is Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump’s national spokesperson. 

So could there be any truth to this? Could it be a repeat of 2008? 

Well as much as I would love to see the fake Ted Cruz exposed as some serial adulterer, I got to take this story with a grain of salt, and let me explain why.

For months the National Enquirer has been going after Republican candidates. Well, save one – Donald Trump. Just look at some of these headlines:

Homewrecker Carly Fiorina Lied About Druggie Daughter

This article appeared on September 23rd last year and came out a week after Carly Fiorina was viewed as a winner of the CNN debate, in which she went after Trump for his attacks on her looks. She also started spiking in the polls, though briefly, from that debate at a time it looked like Trump had plateau. 

Jeb Bush’s Girl Caught Loafing On The Job

Jeb Bush said American’s need to work harder. Right after that he saw his only spike in the polls his entire candidacy enjoyed. And while that was going on, on September 28th the National Enquirer came out with this article.

Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge In Patient’s Brain!

That story came out on October 7th of last year. Interesting enough something else was happening at that time. Trump was starting to decline in the polls, and it appeared that his supporters were fleeing to Ben Carson.

‘Family Man’ Marco Rubio’s Love Child Stunner!

In December Rubio started seeing his numbers climb. So it should be no shock that the National Enquirer had to got after him on December 16. 

Are you seeing a pattern here? Well it might be a bit hard, so I decided to annotate a graph from the Real Clear Politics tracking poll of this time period:


Yup. Ironically when a candidate seems to be doing a little better against Trump, the National Enquirer drops a bombshell.

But wait! Certainly they have gone after Trump the same way, right? Well:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Donald Trump That Nobody Knows!

YES! They got the dirt. Published on January 13th of this year, we see the National Enquirer take on Donald Trump revealing such damming information as:

  • Donald revealing how he really found the inner courage to recover from a string of personal heartbreaks
  • the 69-year-old billionaire businessman has quietly donated a huge chunk of his fortune to charity 
  • still finds the time to remain a doting dad to his young son!
  • suffered setbacks that include family tragedy and financial troubles

WHAAAAAAT? That’s a hit piece? Nope. The piece the National Enquirer decided to run on Trump was nothing but a piece full of fluff, painting the Donald into some just super amazing, totally giving, dad of the year who know how we all suffer financially. 

Then a month later, on February 8th the National Enquirer did another piece on Trump:

Donald Trump Gets The Duke’s Blessing!

Yes, the daughter of John Wayne endorses Trump and the National Enquirer was there to get all gushy about it.

And then we can fast foward to just 2 weeks ago, when this happened:

Yes, the National Enquirer endorses Donald Trump.

So as much as I would love to see Ted Cruz embroiled in some huge sex scandal, especially given his attempt to be viewed as the good Christian boy, I somehow doubt what the National Enquirer is selling here. Instead it looks like they are really just trying to help out their chosen candidate through the power of trash-talking tabloid headlines to be viewed by the masses while checking out at the grocery store. Take the Cruz article with a huge grain of salt.




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