May 4, 2016 /

Bernie's Yugeeee Victory Last Night

While the pundit class focuses on Trump's new status as presumptive nominee, the bigger story coming out of Indiana's primary was taking place on the Democratic side of things.

Bernie's Yugeeee Victory Last Night

Ted Cruz drops out of the Republican race for nomination and the media gets another excuse for salivating over the candidacy that is Donald Trump. MSNBC, you know, that “liberal” network, covered Trump’s victory speech from before start to end and replayed it throughout the night. Meanwhile, on the other side of the political landscape, Bernie Sanders pulled an upset over Hillary Clinton and the media barely covered it. MSNBC covered Bernie’s press conference for all of about 5 minutes before breaking away to talk about Trump. 

Cruz suspending his campaign was a shocker, kind of. He pretty much blew his bankroll trying to win Indiana and even resorted to taking the unprecedented route of picking a running mate before even winning the nomination. Of course this has made Carly Fiorina the shortest lived VP candidate in the history of our nation, and while that might provide humor, in a cycle where the lack of precedence is the only given, it should serve as a wake up call.

Going into yesterday’s primary Trump was poised to win by 15 points. He ended up winning by 16. So Trump performed as expected and well within the margin of error of all polling. On the other side, Hillary was polling an average of 6.8 points ahead of Bernie Sanders, but after all the votes were counted, she felt the Bern, losing by almost 6 points. Even the Democrats favorite goto guy, Nate Silver, totally blew this one:

But Indiana is now in the history books and the excuses from the Democrats start coming out, namely the “well, Indiana is an open primary, so of course Bernie won” excuse. And while that is true, just like the fact the Bernie has consistently won states with open primaries, Democrats seem to forget about another open election where party registration doesn’t matter, that is quickly approaching. That’s the one in November, you know, when we actually choose the President. 

Of course the Democrats will continue to ignore that fact, because party trumps winning. And that’s what worries me about November. It’s an indicator that we would actually look at having a President Trump come next January. 

We are in uncharted waters in the history of our presidential electoral process. Never have we had two candidates with higher unfavorable ratings than favorable, and face it, at the end of the day the race for President is a popularity contest, especially in the past few decades. 

Polling is also uncertain. Sure we see all these electoral maps coming out by predictors that say Hillary will overwhelmingly win come November, but we are still early in the general race, and even many of the people generating those maps are adding the caveat that things are just too uncertain this time around. 

So what is a certainty that the candidates can bank on? The need for the almighty Independent vote. That’s going to be more crucial this year than any year before, and right now Trump is winning that vote over Clinton. 

Today we are sure to hear more calls for Bernie to drop out, with the excuse that all he is doing now is “hurting Clinton”. Bernie will ignore those calls and still hope to get the nomination through the party’s superdelegates, and he should. Why? Because where we stand right now is exactly what the superdelegates were designed for – to help insure that we get a candidate that can win. And when you look at the polls, the latest election results (the true polls) and the huge, anti-establishment fervor going on in our country right now, Bernie is the stronger choice to beat Donald Trump. 

The superdelegates really should put aside political loyalty for once and think about what is best for the nation. A President Trump will be disastrous for our future. A President Clinton (v2) will be a little better, but will continue our path of unsustainable political divide. The one candidate that has shown the demeanor and ability to not only win, but also help unite our nation, is Bernie Sanders, and that should be a much greater motivation than political loyalty any day of the week. 


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