October 26, 2018 /

2 More Bombs Found And Leadership Still Missing

Day 5 and 2 more bombs found, all while leadership is void in America.

Packages with bombs sent to politicians.

We are now on the 5th day of America living under a terrorist threat of bombing and two more packages have been found.

  • FLORIDA: An 11th package was discovered at a postal facility addressed to Senator Cory Booker.
  • NEW YORK: A 12th package has been discovered, addressed to former DNI James Clapper.

And while people are living under fear and postal workers, police and everyday citizens are at risk of one of these going off around them and possibly killing them, our President is still refusing to accept the seriousness of this crime:

That’s a great approach to a national emergency – egging on the perpetrators. 

In pre-2017 America a President acting like this would not have happened, and if it did Congress would be ready to impeach. The silence by the Republican leadership in Congress can only be described as treason. Hopefully we can change leadership in 11 days and try to fix this problem.

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