October 24, 2018 /

BREAKING: New Rounds Of Right Wing Terrorism (UPDATED)

News just broke that an IED was found near the home of the Clinton’s.


Some very disturbing news out of New York:

Pete Williams on MSNBC just reported that the Secret Service has confirmed this, and also another package was sent to Barack Obama.

Just this week we saw another attempted bombing of another person constantly vilified by the right, George Soros. A pipe bomb was found in his mailbox. Luckily no one was injured. 

When we hear Trump leading cheers of “lock her up” and calling his political opponents enemies of our country, this is an expected response. We warned Donald Trump would turn us into a third-world nation, and what is more third-world than attempting to kill political opponents, especially through bombings?


So this isn’t someone just trying to “scare” people. This is actual devices.

The White House has also released a statement. They are certainly wanting to get ahead of this story

Of course the real question will be if Donald Trump tones down his rhetoric. I think we know the answer to that. When you have someone as egotistical as he is, there’s no way he could accept that he has any culpability in this. 


Hopefully this is just people being overly cautious, but in this day and time, who knows?


So much more happening. 

Per MSNBC this package was addressed to John Brennan. And there’s even more going on:

If this is what is meant my MAGA, I don’t want to be great. 

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