October 27, 2018 /

Putin’s Puppets

Don’t buy into the hype of a “march” this weekend.

Putin and his puppet

We’ve all heard of the Russian bot farms on Twitter. We’ve all known that Donald Trump also loves these bots. But today, it is all taking a drastic turn that only aims to really divide us.

So I decided to look into this thing, as it’s the first I have heard about it. My first thought was how unprecedented this is. We’ve had marches and protests against policies and leaders in the past, but never against an entire major party. For a man who said he wanted America to be one this week, it really seems to go against that.

But as I got digging further, I found out this isn’t something new, but rather something that started on Twitter over the summer. And more interesting. This entire “movement” is being propped up by…..you guessed it! Russian bots.

During the weekend this started on Twitter this became one of the most retweeted tweets, held up as an example of how “big” this “movement” is.

Now I am posting an image of the tweet for one specific reason. That account has been suspended by Twitter and was apparently tied to a Russian bot network. 

But things like Russia trying to divide us, well that is just fact. We all know how much Donald Trump and the right hates facts. So instead they will continue to promote something meant only to further seed division within our nation. And who doesn’t love seeing a divided America more than Vladimir Putin?

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