October 23, 2018 /

Real World Threats…

First it was the unwed mothers. Then it was the gays. Now a new, much more serious threat is coming after our Puritan lifestyle!

Give it to me baby

Seems like more and more sex doesn’t involve two living creatures, but rather one living creature and some non-breathing piece of matter.

A couple of weeks ago there was news around here of a body found in a popular park. Instantly the mind goes to “great, more crime!” But that wasn’t the case. Instead the “body” turned out to be a sex doll.

Around the same time another local story was happening. A man in Northern Kentucky decided to order a sex robot and that led to his arrest. That might seem rather odd. I mean, who cares if someone gets their rocks off with a piece of hardware…right? Well it turned out this piece of hardware was in the shape of a child, and that got authorities going.

Now that last story has a much greater “you so nasty!” factor than the first, but in reality, would you rather he pray on actual children, or something built from a Chinese erector set? And if that isn’t enough, it was Customs that found the pedo device. They can find these, but not the tons of illegal drugs getting sent in to our country? Well ok…

And here we are, just a few short weeks later, and what do I see? Another story, but this time not from Ohio. Instead we’re heading down to the land of Cruz and they aren’t playing around:

Harris County Commissioners Court on Tuesday unanimously adopted new rules to prevent so-called “robot brothels” from opening and more strictly regulate sexually oriented businesses in unincorporated areas.

The county already had been revising its sexually oriented business rules, first adopted in 1996, but decided to specifically address lifelike sex dolls for rent after Toronto-based company KinkySdollsS considered opening a Houston branch where patrons could try out human-like “adult love dolls” in private rooms at the shop.

With all the problems plaguing our nation and the world today, must we worry about how someone finds their enjoyment, especially when there really is no victim? Well there might be some victims. Just think of the people charged with cleaning those robots afterwards……EWWW! 

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