October 25, 2018 /

REPORTS: NBC Finally Woke Up And Got Rid Of Kelly

You can take the girl out of Fox, but you can’t take Fox out of the girl.

According to MSN, which used to be connected with NBC, Megyn Kelly is no more at NBC:

Megyn Kelly’s 9 a.m. Today show hour has been canceled, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The news comes just 48 hours after she received immense backlash for her controversial remarks about blackface earlier this week.

“They’re contacting the staff and reassigning everyone today. Everyone’s being told that they still have a home here, but it won’t be on Megyn’s show,” one source says. “They haven’t made an official announcement about the show, but everyone knows what it means when they’re being moved somewhere else. The show is clearly over.”

I must admit that she lasted longer than I expected. And her excuse that wearing blackface was acceptable in her lifetime is utter bullshit. I’m the same age as her and it was NEVER acceptable.

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