November 7, 2018 /

BREAKING: Constitution Hating Dictator Tries To Silence Free Press

And today the Constitution dies even more.

Following a tense exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Donald Trump, the White House is now taking what might be unprecedented action:

CNN senior White House reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials has been suspended “until further notice,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

The decision comes after a tense stand-off between Acosta and President Donald Trump during a press conference on Wednesday.

The same White House that thinks sites like Gateway Pundit and Alex Jones should be credentialed is taking away the credentials of CNN. 

Stop and imagine for a moment Obama taking away the credentials of Fox News because of the crap they would pull. The right would have taken to the streets, with Cheeto-Fascist leading the way.

The bright side is we’ll have a new Democratic House in 2 months and this just adds up to things to investigate – the President violating the Constitution. 

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