November 1, 2018 /

Can We Call Them Deplorables Now?

This latest ad by Republicans and Donald Trump earns them the name.

Trump Seeks To Expand The Apprentice To The White House

It’s time to bring back the deplorable! Yes, that off the record comment made by Hillary Clinton in the lead up to the 2016 election has never rung so true as it does now.

Trump, unable to hide his hatred for all things non-white, has released a new web ad in order to inform scare the living shit out of voters before next Tuesday’s election. 

Catch that major dog whistle? Anyone who is brown, trying to get into our country is going to be a cop killer. It’s the same thing as his comments when he announced his run, calling all Mexicans rapists. 

And let’s not forget; all this is coming less than a week after bombs were sent to the political opponents of Trump and 11 Jewish people were gunned down while worshiping by a major anti-Semite. 

The fact that we have a President willing to engage in this kind of harmful rhetoric, backed by a spineless party too scared to tell him to back the fuck off, shows the perilous times we are in. And if you ask me, the acceptance of Trump by Republican leadership, even after his blatant racism, is the exact reason why they are deplorables. 

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