November 10, 2018 /

Don’t Think Republicans Are Sore Losers? Think Again

Republicans are throwing hissy fits about losing, but this one takes the cake.

Perhaps it’s the time of Trump. After his loss of the majority vote in 2016 he launched into full on conspiracy mode about the reasons why. It could in no way be that people just voted more for Hillary. Nope. Instead it had to the evil liberals, funded by George Soros, busing in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to vote. 

Or how about this election?

With votes still being counted in Florida and Arizona, whenever the Republican lead narrows, Trump jumps into full on conspiracy mode. This time he isn’t alone either. He has people like Marco Rubio arguing that vote county should be stopped and the tallies certified.

Every vote counts? HAHAHA!

And this brings us to a place where every vote did count and a Republican lost. 

Judge Glenn Devlin

Glenn Devlin is a Republican Judge in Houston, Texas. He was one of 59 jurists ousted by voters in Harris County on Tuesday. And while most of those appear to be going quietly, Devlin isn’t.

On Wednesday morning, after finding out he would have to depart the bench, Devlin decided to call in all his juvenile defendants. He asked them one simple question; “will you kill somebody?” If they answered no, they were set free regardless of the crimes they were serving time for.

When asked about this unprecedented move, Devlin said “This is obviously what the voters wanted”.

So we have a man who is supposed to sit there and judge people, putting their lives in the balance, and he is throwing a hissy fit because the people voted him out. 

When Republicans say Democrats are “weak on crime,” the perfect retort was just made. At least Democrats that lose their offices go quietly into the night and plan what’s next. Republicans go on to throw temper-tantrums and release criminals. As one Republican would say #SAD

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