November 2, 2018 /

Trumps GoT Poster Was Made For Fun

I can’t pass up a chance to have fun with Trump, but HBO doesn’t seem to happy.

The image above was tweeted out by our narcissist in chief today.  Apparently he is talking about sanctions against Iran, but being Trump, he has to make a big fucking production out of something that shouldn’t be celebrated. 

While I’m sure the administration thinks this is some form of political brilliance, other’s didn’t take to kindly to it, especially the ones who put out Game of Thrones.

There was some argument over rather HBO would have a claim or not. Actually they would, considering the font was made for GoT.  And while many of us would end up in court fighting a copyright infringement, well dear ole’ leader has constantly skirted copyright protections for years. Must be nice to be so rich.

All that talk of copyright couldn’t stop me though. And actually I didn’t use the GoT font. I used a regular, open source one, so take that! 

Having given that disclosure, here’s a couple I made up today in response to our idiot in chief.

This last one I specifically tweeted out to Tom Arnold in hopes that his never ending quest for the pee tapes finally comes to fruition. 

And while this was fun, I can’t help but shake this feeling of some big surprise come Monday. I’m thinking a prime time address to the nation by none other than Fear monger in Chief, something about the “scary brown people invading our pure, white nation!” What a way to stoke fears and get the base out to vote….

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