December 20, 2018 /

24 Hours Of Syria Confusion

We have a President with no clue on foreign policy and now it is very public.

If you just woke up from a 2 day sleep, then you might have missed all the Syria confusion. Let’s do a quick recap.

Yesterday America, and the world, woke up to this news:

VICTORY! Yes, so are we leaving now? Well yes!

Following Trump’s proclamation of Mission Accomplished, minus the big banner and aircraft carrier landing, the White House was quick to announce that they are pulling all troops out of Syria within the next 60 days. This is news that took the Department of Defense, State, Congress and pretty much everyone else by surprise.

But hey, we beat ISIS, right?

Wait!!! Yesterday ISIS was defeated. Now we’re just leaving the fight? Wow, talk about confusing. But at least Russia isn’t happy about this, right?

So an hour after Trump says Russia isn’t happy about us leaving Syria, Putin says Russia is….HAPPY!

I can’t help but think back to the Obama years (happy thoughts!) Republicans would constantly say “Obama has no plan for Syria”. Well, it looks like that criticism was a little early and one President off. Donald Trump is the one with no plan and not even understanding the basic facts.

Hopefully Republicans will finally remove their lips from the teet of Mother Trump and finally demand answers, and this may very well be the issue to do it. Let’s wait and see….

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