December 10, 2018 /

Once Is A Typo, Twice Is An Idiot

A new tweet by our President has me wondering what really goes around in the head of his.

Following Friday’s bombshell report on Michael Cohen trying to circumvent campaign Friday laws and the introduction of Individual 1, now known as Donald Trump, that directed this illegal activity, the spin has been in full force. That spin continued this morning with a pair of tweets from…you guessed it.

There’s not really much new in there. I mean Trump has always thought civil cases was “just the cost of doing business” and that somehow everything he does is perfectly normal. Yeah, because everyone sets up shell corporations to make a legal payment.

Instead of focusing on how wrong he is, I rather focus on “Smocking gun”. I had to actually read that a couple of times this morning, and not because he repeated it. I mean a “smocking gun?” I could see doing it once, maybe, as a typo, but twice in two consecutive sentences? Either you are a dolt that doesn’t know the difference between “smocking” and “smoking”, a moron who can’t spell, or maybe something else:

Ahh yes, the bitter tart flavor of Smockers! Nothing like Smockers on some toste or biskuts. It’s what brakefast was meant to be! 

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