January 15, 2019 /

Burger King Won’t Let Donald Trump Have It His Way

Even celebrating a national championship proves too hard for the idiot-in-chief.

In the video above Trump explains how he had to break open his wallet in order to provide the NCAA champion Clemson Tigers with a high quality meal worthy of any victor. That meal consisted of a smorgasbord of 5-star, artery clogging fast food.

While discussing his great gift to the champs, Trump declared that the companies, McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s were all “great American companies.” Notice a problem with that statement?

It was way back in 2014, back when we had great President’s and idiots trying to get attention by declaring the great President not a citizen. Back then something else happened. Burger King was bought by Restaurant Brands International. International is a key word here, as RBI is located in Canada, meaning Burger King isn’t a “great American company” any longer.

But that wasn’t Trump’s only screw up. A little later, doing what Trump does best, toot his own horn, he gave himself a big pat on the back.

“Hamberders?” Yes apparently Trump’s auto-correct even gave a big “fuck you” to the now deleted tweet. But even with the deleting of the idiot-in-chiefs tweet, it didn’t go unnoticed. Today Burger King fired back.

And ZING – you can’t have it your way Trump. You not only got burned, but flame broiled by the American Canadian company. And that is a Whopper for the “President” to swallow.

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