January 8, 2019 /

Every Major Network To Carry Trump’s Lie Fest

Trump will invade or televisions tonight, but will the networks fight back against the propaganda?

Donald Trump is getting ready to address the nation in a prime time address tonight, and every major network has fallen in line, agreeing to carry it. So what can we expect to hear? Well let’s take a guess….

On Friday Trump told reporters that a former President ”
commended ” him for stance on the border wall. I’ve got a funny feeling he’ll repeat this tonight, but there’s a problem – it isn’t true!

3 of the 4 living former Presidents have gone on record denying even speaking to Trump. The only one that hasn’t yet been on record is Obama, and we can safely assume it wasn’t him.

To take this lie even further, Mike Pence told the Today show this morning that Trump “feels” that’s what the former presidents wanted. First off there is a huge difference between them “commending” and then “feeling”. One is an actual action, the other is an assumption. So Pence is now trying to spin Trump’s lies, which in fact are also lies. Nice Jesus boy there, Mikey!

Then we get to the terrorism card. This is a Republican favorite. “Do what I want or you will DIEEEEE”. Ironically the tactic itself can be considered terrorism, but let’s look at how Trump is spinning it.

Last month during the now infamous Trump, Pelosi and Schumer sit down, Trump tried to claim that they are stopping 10 terrorists a day from entering the United States at the border. Now if you were one to live in the fantasy world of a Trump cultists, you would be shaking in your boots. But what are the actual numbers, as supplied by the government?

In fiscal year 2018 there were 41 people stopped at the border for suspected ties to terrorism. Well, that still seems like a lot so maybe Trump wasn’t that far off? But wait. Of those 41, only 6 were NOT citizens of this country.

Trump isn’t the only one using this B.S. line either. On Sunday Sarah Sanders went to the administrations safe place, known as Fox News, which turned out to not be so safe. Watch as Chris Wallace repeatedly nails her on countless lies, including the one I mentioned above.

Knowing how much this administration is lying about this issue, and the fact that Trump now wants to invade our televisions tonight, the networks must be vigilant. Perhaps the best way it to have fact checkers putting up little “fact balloons” every time Trump pushes a lie. Of course each network would need an army of these people, so the next best would be to give Democrats equal time to respond to what Trump says. If not, then our major networks have become part of the Trump propaganda machine.

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