January 28, 2019 /

The RNC Chair Just Gave The Perfect Reason To Vote Democratic

In what she thought would be a jab at Obama, turned into a jab at herself and Republican governance.

That image above is from a tweet the RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel posted to Twitter this weekend.

Notice anything wrong with it?

Anything at all?

Well let’s look back on the calendar to 2009. At the point in time from when McDaniel tweeted this, Obama would have been President for a whopping 6 days. Not even a full week on he job.

So while McDaniel is falsely blaming Obama, it actually highlights just how poor an economy is after 8 years of a Republican being in The White House. And Twitter took notice bigley.

Maybe this meme could end up appearing in some campaign commercials to show why Trump should NOT be given a second term. And at the end, the entire “I approve this message”, suffix it with “and a special thanks to the RNC chair for pointing out what we knew.”

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