February 27, 2019 /

The Biggest Part Of Michael Cohen’s Opening Statement.

Michael Cohen’s opening statement contains one big bombshell that seems to be overlooked.

Today is the day America has been waiting for. In less that 2 hours Michael Cohen, the former “fixed” for Donald Trump will be sworn in and start public testimony before Congress. It’s the Super Bowl, Academy Awards and Olympics all wrapped into one.

And while we wait for it to start, we already know how it will start. Overnight Cohen’s opening statement was released and it contains some things we all knew was coming. For example. This will receive probably most of the focus today, because it does play into the Mueller investigation:

In July 2016, days before the Democratic convention, I was in Mr. Trump’s office when his secretary announced that Roger Stone was on the phone. Mr. Trump put Mr. Stone on the speakerphone. Mr. Stone told Mr. Trump that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange and that Mr. Assange told Mr. Stone that, within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Mr. Trump responded by stating to the effect of “wouldn’t that be great.”

We know Stone is awaiting trial for his lies about his involvement with the Wikileaks founder, so to me this really isn’t all that shocking.

Then there will be a lot of focus on things like this:

He once asked me if I could name a country run by a black person that wasn’t a “shithole.” This was when Barack Obama was President of the United States.

While we were once driving through a struggling neighborhood in Chicago, he commented that only black people could live that way. And, he told me that black people would never vote for him because they were too stupid.

Hearing that the President of the United States holds these views in this day and age is disheartening to be sure, but it is not shocking coming from THIS President.

But there’s something even further down in his testimony. There’s something that, to me, is much, much bigger. It’s something that extends beyond the reach of the Trump protecting hands of the DOJ and Republicans in Congress.

Mr. Trump directed me to find a straw bidder to purchase a portrait of him that was being auctioned at an Art Hamptons Event. The objective was to ensure that his portrait, which was going to be auctioned last, would go for the highest price of any portrait that afternoon. The portrait was purchased by the fake bidder for $60,000. Mr. Trump directed the Trump Foundation, which is supposed to be a charitable organization, to repay the fake bidder, despite keeping the art for himself. Please see Exhibit 3B to my testimony.

What makes this the biggest bombshell in Cohen’s opening statement is the fact that it goes right to the heart of another investigation – one underway by the Attorney General of New York. They have already alleged copious amounts of illegal activity by the foundation, which has lead to the foundation dissolving, but this statement points the finger right at POTUS.

Now think about this a little more. If Trump wasn’t President, the IRS would be pounding down his door over this apparent tax fraud scheme he was calling a “foundation.” But Trump is President and it appears we live in a different world than even 20 years ago. A consensual blow job was grounds for impeachment back then, but today, stealing, defrauding the American people and tons of other crimes merit a huge “mehhhh” from the party that brought us blue, cum stained dresses.

Luckily we might have a salvation, and that lies in the Attorney General’s office in New York. They might not be able to touch Trump while he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but once we the people evict him, it’s game on. And there isn’t a damn thing the DOJ or any Republican in Congress can do about it.

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