March 18, 2020 /

In Troubling Times We Need Some Clarity

As the numbers go up, don’t fear them – be happy!

Corona Virus

The world is a very scary place right now. While I’ve been offline on this blog, I have been still highly active on social media. The things I see there are every bit as scary as the virus.

Yesterday, when news broke that Corona was in all 50 states I posted on Facebook about it. People instantly started accusing me of being gleeful. Was I? Hell yes!

Now before you accuse me of being all celebratory in proclaiming that, give me a second to explain.

Right now our biggest problem is locating the people who have Covid-19. This is due in no small part to the lack of testing. And while people might be sick, but can’t get tested, that means they are most likely out there hitting the stores, working, visiting family and friends, etc. Translation – they are spreading the infection they don’t know they have!

Despite what people, like the idiot in chief might have said, the “Wild and Wonderful” of West Virginia doesn’t translate to “we are totally immune from Corona”. As matter of fact it means the disease is probably spreading there even more right now, but at least they are starting to detect it and can start mapping out who all have had contact and should be tested. This is the absolute necessity in “flattening the curve”.

So as the numbers of infected go up right now, celebrate it. It means we are finding the virus and taking action to stop it. And if you have anger, don’t direct it at people that are happy that it’s being found; direct it at the absolute failure of leadership in the White House that greatly hindered this detection.

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